Declaration: War Is No Longer Inevitable – But Still Possible

I’ve had a partial change of mind.

For months now, I have been of the belief that war is an inevitable outcome at some time this year, as a result of movements and intentions of the Continual War Party of the compulsively aggressive Western nations. Particularly the psychopath led states which form the Five Eyes security group (possible exemption for 5th eye, NZ).

War came very close to breaking out recently (how many even noticed?) over the Ukraine-Donbass issue but was skillfully avoided – and the West backed down – by a Russian intervention – on its own side of the border – without a single shot being fired by any major party.

It was that single incident which gave me cause to think a little deeper and perhaps even draw a little on my own intuition (you have to feel it to believe it), bringing me to this new position and prompting my ‘Rumours of War’ editorial at the time.

That position has strengthened today when I read this article – thanks to Ilargi at The Automatic Earth for featuring it in his daily post. Published, May 18, on his Renegade Inc site by Alex Krainer, “Is The Age Of Permanent War Finally Over?”

It is not a long article but it has a great deal to say.

Here are a few snippets (but I hope you will take the time to read the whole thing)…

Today, the leaders in Russia, China and certain other nations appear to act with remarkable poise and sophistication, that their understanding of the great geopolitical chessboard is crystal clear, and that they know exactly who their true adversaries are. They have also understood that giving their enemies a war would mean giving them a lifeline. It seems to me that they have made it an imperative priority not to give them that war.

It takes a balanced mind and considerable understanding to draw that insight. Here’s another, on the now apparent disintegration of the West…

The cabal that’s been dominating the western world for the past two centuries is rapidly running out of time and out of options. Their plans for the one world government are now in tatters and without a new world war, the best they can hope to achieve is to carve out a geopolitical block and erect a new iron curtain around it.

Krainer suggests that inevitably short-lived new geopolitical block (I’ve found a new ‘inevitability‘) will be Western Europe.

He draws on the wisdom of Confucius to give some meaning to all this…

Confucius‘ counsel:

A seed grows with no sound. But a tree falls with huge noise. Destruction has noise but creation is quiet. This is the power of silence … grow silently.

Ending the piece with “…nature’s creations are always so beautiful,” Krainer includes a fitting image of that beauty – which I desperately wanted to show here – but I also want you to go see for yourself.

Just remember that the madness of men, great and small, is unpredictable, and could override all logical thought presented here – with devastating effect for all of us.

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