Kunstler’s China Blind Spot

OK.  I am riled up enough today to speak out against James Howard Kunstler, even though I love the man’s work and wit, and agree with more than 90% of what he says.  But the man is a total blockhead when it comes to China…and I still refuse to share his blog posts on that basis alone.

In his latest offering, and apparently in all seriousness, he makes the accusation that US Fake-president Joe Biden (that’s my own description), while nothing more than a hologram, is “China-sponsored“.  What a hoot, and patently untrue.

While I concede that China had an interest in fostering relations with the Biden team – which revolved around getting rid of the Clown Prince Trump – I cannot see any case where they were involved, at any meaningful scale, in the disastrously proportioned theft of the illicit stealing of the 2020 presidential election by fraudulent means.  There is nothing, no evidence at all, to link China with that Democratic Party led crime.  The Chinese authorities would simply not be so foolish or unwise, although they would, I am sure, have played their own foreign policy initiatives to take best advantage of the fallout from that.  I refer of course to the real and now apparent disintegration of the United States as a viable entity. 

And again, a repeated accusation I think, certainly widely repeated elsewhere, that China is “substantially responsible” for the US current weakness, having “successfully launched the bio-weapon Wuhan virus that pushed the disordered US economy over a cliff, and then helped install their errand boy in the oval office“.  Total nonsense.  If anyone is responsible for launching the COVID-19 bio-weapon (if such it is – and there is some evidence for that) it is the US itself.  Whether that originated from a US sponsored lab in Wuhan, from Fort Detrick, or from any other of hundreds of potential US bio-weapon lab sources.

This is all too much for me.  Kunstler’s China blind spot is something I cannot ignore. 

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