I Think This Is What Is Called An ‘Omnibus Edition’

So many good posts on the Titanic Lifeboat Academy today. Posts that will get your heart thumping and cause empowering chemicals to surge around your arterial system. Whether you can agree with them or not, they will provide food for thought and just may incline your personal views in a totally different direction to that which you normally take.

I have not the time nor the appetite to add my views here, but I can see the potential value in sharing them. So I will simply post the links.

“Why is China Painted as ‘Capitalist’ by Western Propaganda?” – Andre Vitchek

“My Next to the Last Covid Swansong Article?” – Jeff J. Brown – you will never again fall for the pitiful lie of the Western deep state that Trump’s ‘Wuhan flu’ – the coronavirus disease behind COVID-19 – began in or anywhere near the People’s Republic of China.

“Putin, On Historical Revisionism And Its Dangers” – Christopher Black
– a subject close to my heart and covered in my own previous post yesterday.


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