“USA – Most Aggressive Military Power in the World”

An enlightening denouement (clarification) of the role of the US in Europe, particularly in Germany. 

If only the German government could muster even 10% of the intellect demonstrated by this personable member of their current political class. Why aren’t there more women in politics?

She is not alone either. A former German Chancellor also recently highlighted the need for breaking of the nation’s so-called ‘alliance’ with the US (how can you be in alliance with an occupying power?) as I reported on July 3. In reality there is a continuous (never having stopped) war waged by the US against Germany, raging since 1944. When are the Deutsche Volk going to realise this and kick the bastards out? When are they going to see that NATO is just a front for the US occupation of Europe generally?

“USA – Most Aggressive Military Power in the World. Those Who Have Friends Like That Don’t Need Enemies (Sahra Wagenknecht)” – the Saker blog

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