Kunstler’s ‘History Lesson’ Is No Lesson At All

I have to speak out about this.  Kunstler’s latest blog post – ‘History Lesson’, is no lesson at all. 

It is difficult to promote or rescue a hypothesis when the very first statement of that explanation is an obvious falsehood.  Kunstler says “Let me take you back to the mid-20th century. America had just fought and won a war against manifest evil.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

This is plainly an example of the historical revisionism that has Russia’s President Putin and all honest historians enraged by the lies (no other word for it) being spread by Western interests (chiefly America) about the events of the war of 1939-45 in a bid to strengthen their own position, deceptively established through self-published propaganda, in a world where their influence is clearly diminishing.

The fact is that America, as a nation, has never won a single war outside its own borders in its entire history.  The US is most certainly, and this cannot be emphasised sufficiently strongly, not responsible for victory over the Nazi regime in Europe in any but a very minor aspect.  The back of the Nazi forces (described by Kunstler as ‘manifest evil’) was thoroughly broken and doomed to defeat long before any American bullet was fired in anger during that war.  Who by?  Who is the true and indisputable victor of the conflict we know (and during which I was born) as World War 2 and which is known to the Russians as ‘The Great Patriotic War’?  None other than those same Russians (or the Soviet Union as it was called in those times).  No other nation, including America, had any hope of gaining any sort of victory over Hitler’s forces in 1944 or at any later time if the Russians had not single handedly turned the tide of that war and/or had surrendered, ceding victory to the Nazis. 

For anyone else to claim that anything other than that represents the truth of the matter is an utterly despicable and unreasonable misrepresentation of the facts.  That Kunstler has chosen to join with those who project such misrepresentations, is unforgivable – unless retracted as an honest mistake.

I have nothing to say on the rest of his ‘history lesson’.  There may be some truth there, but it is obscenely coloured by his initial false statement and the follow up ‘Leader of the free world’ stylisation of the role of America.  That is surely a joke, isn’t it?  The only ‘free world’ today is that which exists outside of US influence. And the borders of that ‘free world’ are continuously expanding as the US sphere of influence continues to surely diminish with every passing year of this century – which most probably provides the impetus for the current drive to falsify history.  The US has had its turn – falsely claimed on the basis of the same lie Kunstler uses.  This is the century of rising Asian influence – which speaks well for a more peaceful one (eventually) than the previous war ravaged century.

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