Russia Has Awoken. China is Awakening. When Will The West Do The Same?

Well, this will be I’m sure something of a revelation to many in the West, and just as Russia came to realise that the promises of Western democracy were mostly empty, vague and meaningless, so the Chinese are waking up to those same truths.  The question is – When will the West wake up to that also?

Quoting from the article below:

Now, China is slowly waking up. And its people see: the world around them is a nightmare. 

“They were lying to us,” I hear all around the country. And by “they”, people do not mean the Communist Party, but the West. 

“They were never our friends,” people further lament. “They never meant well.”

“Washington’s Refined Art of Torturing China May Ignite a War” by Andre Vitchek, reproduced on The Titanic Lifeboat Academy.

Here you will also learn the truth of the Uyghur situation, mischievously played by the corrupt West as a humanitarian tragedy – which it is not.  It is exactly what China says it is – dealing with terrorism – and more than that it is Western inspired terrorism.  As is also the so-called push for democracy in Hong Kong.

Open your eyes Westerners. Russia and China know full well what your nations are doing.  And their patience will not be stretched for ever.

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