Syrian Progress in Idlib December 23, 2019

This is amazing progress by the Syrian Arab Army.  I’m impressed, and wish them further success to recover their nation’s lands from evil NATO backed elements. 

“Syrian army approaches terrorist outpost of Maaret Naaman in Idlib — media” – TASS


Turkish observation strong points in the area are rapidly being made irrelevant with yet another one on the M5 motorway about to be surrounded by government forces.

I have to admit that it is quite puzzling why this rush of success for Syrian forces is happening right now.  The terrorist groups appear to have had enough of being bombed and shelled and are not putting up as much resistance as in the past.  Perhaps a drop off in US/NATO support is having some effect, but they really have literally nowhere to go now.  Turkey is closing its borders so they are hemmed in on all sides with mostly only mountainous territory left for them to defend.  They will not be allowed to surrender and nor should they be.  Many previous opportunities have been opened for that and dismissed. Only a huge massacre now awaits them.  Which will of course also cost many Syrian lives.  But that is the way of the world now, and it must be played out to the full.      

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