A Little Rejuvenation

I haven’t uploaded any music tracks to this site for a long, long, time, perhaps because over recent years I have grown away from finding music a necessary component of my life – and that perhaps also being to my detriment.

Music can have a lifting effect on the mind and soul, and we all need that sometimes.  But for that to happen there has to be a certain openness and receptiveness to what the music can bring.  I think I have perhaps been afraid to show such a vulnerability of spirit in recent times, preferring to fill my life with other distractions less prone to the frangibility of feelings.  This doesn’t mean that I am incapable of feelings, on the contrary, even certain drama shows can bring a tear to my eyes on occasion, but I have wanted to be in control of such events and to limit that sort of contact rather than face it as a regular practice.  I am fully aware as to what benefits and also perils a lightness of spirit can expose a human being.  And so I have tended to keep my tenderest inner parts firmly under wraps.  

But today I needed a little rejuvenation and a long neglected album came to mind.  I am not now in the habit of having music playing in my home but I do have perhaps a couple of thousand tracks stored on my computer and other devices, and I knew where to set my hand to find it.  So I sat and listened to the whole album, bringing back melodies and memories long unheard.  The final track seemed to go on for ever and it stirred something in me to get up and see what it was called.  Of course it all came back to me then and the title expressed just what I had needed.

You can listen to it here

Enjoy.  It plays for almost 15 minutes but I think, if you are anything like me, you will not want it to stop.

The composer is Medwyn Goodall, a prolific writer, and the track ‘Healing Resurgence’ is from his first ‘Medicine Woman’ album.

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