No Mercy For Terrorists

The Syrian situation is once again poised on a knife edge. I hope Syria's army, the SAA, has the strength - I know they have the resolve, and the right - to see this through to the end. "No mercy for Idlib terrorists" said Russia's Lavrov recently, and that is also the right attitude. The... Continue Reading →

Syrian Progress in Idlib December 23, 2019

This is amazing progress by the Syrian Arab Army.  I'm impressed, and wish them further success to recover their nation's lands from evil NATO backed elements.  "Syrian army approaches terrorist outpost of Maaret Naaman in Idlib — media" - TASS See also: "GOVERNMENT FORCES LIBERATED JARJNAZ. ROAD ON MAARAT AL-NUMAN IS OPENED" - SouthFront Turkish... Continue Reading →

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