Progress in Syria’s Idlib Province, Late December 2019

They say that war is “months of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror,” and that is how it seems to be playing out in Syria’s Idlib province.

Of course it is not really like that for some, but on the outside that is exactly how it appears.

We, or actually the real Syrian army, SAA, and their bestial Western supported opponents are now engaged in one of those moments of terror. As has been the case, except for the occasional back-step, the Syrian forces are victoriously progressing with their aims to rid their country of the vermin still occupying some of it.

There are a number of reports of the successful actions of the past couple of days so far. I list some of them.

“Army reestablishes control over strategic town of al-Tehh in Idleb countryside” – SANA “SYRIAN ARMY CAPTURES ONE OF BIGGEST TOWNS IN SOUTHEAST IDLIB” – SouthFront “Syrian government army approaching terrorists’ stronghold in southeastern Idlib – media” – TASS

This Twitter stream has some really interesting footage that doesn’t normally get reported.

As well as liberating the major terrorist town of al-Tah, yet another illegal Turkish observation post at Sarman has now been surrounded and cut off.

Keep going SAA, you’ll soon have them and their NATO helpers on the run.

Don’t worry about the loud bleatings of poor civilians being in danger and need of evacuation, there is nowhere for them to go and they are all terrorists by now anyway.

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