Outside, Looking In…

“US official admits Syrian constitutional committee launch impossible without Russia” – TASS

The United States continues to maintain its fantasy over being able to manipulate events concerning the political future of Syria.  I am not sure why they (the US) still hold this position since in actuality they irremediably have their noses pressed against the window looking in on the process from outside – a humbling position that they have been skilfully manoeuvered into – with no prospect at all of exerting influence there.

To say that the status of the political nature of the process is undetermined, and that the position of Russia on this is also unclear, is simply sour grapes and wishful thinking on their part.  They are on the outer, exactly where they should be and deserve to be, with no prospect of that position being altered.

So they can say and think whatever they like on the subject – no-one is listening or is required to listen.

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