Interpretations of Macron’s ‘Brain Death’ Statement

“Macron’s statement about NATO’s ‘brain death’ reflects the truth – Russian diplomat” – TASS

An interesting interpretation by Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, of the ‘brain death’ comment by French President Macron on the condition of NATO, but just like the position taken by Frau Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, on Macron’s statement, both comments are a misunderstanding of his intended meaning.

Yes he was implying ‘brain death’ to NATO’s inactivity in regard to not supporting the invasion by Turkey into Syria following the ‘sort of’ withdrawal of US forces from that country.  And yes he was commenting on the general limp grasp of the European community on the comprehended status of its own generally weak position in the global geo-political sphere.  But mostly, still being at heart a colonialist, I feel he was bemoaning the lack of will for Europe (and a reinvigorated NATO) to be asserting itself on the world stage more forcefully within nations where there is still, although rapidly diminishing opportunity, to dominate matters in Europe’s favour.   

To me that sounds more like how he would be thinking.

I could of course be wrong, but I have to say it as I see it.

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