Russia – A Benevolently Deterrent Power

“Putin says Russia will not threaten other states with its advanced weapons” – TASS

The world is safe with a well armed and well equipped Russian military.  There are few, if any, other nations ranked equally or higher on the military preparedness scale as Russia is, of which the same claim can be made. 

Russia has never, at least in its modern history and arguably always, been a threat to any other peaceful nation, only ever taking steps to defend itself from the aggression of others.

On the contrary, a powerfully armed and prepared Russia is, and for some time has been, the only retarding influence on the hotheaded actions of certain other sections of humanity.

The world should be grateful that Russia is there and is prepared to stand, even if mainly as a bulwark for its own defence, since the curbing effects of that action has residual and tangible benefits for all peace loving nations. 

I do not underestimate the growing military and economic role of China in recent times but, as yet, China does not and in fact may never fulfil the role currently undertaken by Russia in world affairs. 

America, and I feel that I have to mention this in particular, having lost the plot over at least the past two decades and finding itself outclassed by quality over quantity and effective over largely out-dated weaponry (heck! they have only just realised that even their bullets are ineffective for today’s situations), will never again be allowed to reclaim leadership and superiority in armaments for as long as Russia exists.  Trump has attempted to make up for that shortfall by using the weapon of unilateral sanctions – which have also proved to be ineffective, being most harmful economically to America’s allies.

The US may have the world’s biggest and certainly the most expensive military, but it is such a widely scattered and unmanageable behemoth that it is no longer capable of imposing (other than by its shadow) its considerable might on any one theatre of operations anywhere in the world.  Nor could it ever again do that except by retreating its forces from their many outposts – which would inevitably result in a collapse of its already deflating global influence.

I hope you can now sleep a little more peacefully, knowing that.

I could make just one further point on this, and it is that far from being a threat to other nations, Russia openly extends the arms of friendship and cooperation to all like-minded peoples.  Quite successfully, and with a growing effectiveness too.  There is nothing else quite like this two-pronged approach in modern world affairs.  Little wonder that Russia’s influence is on the rise.

I think the world is now aware that it has been held back by imposed democracy for long enough. Which is why I have refused to jump on the contrived Hong Kong bandwagon – but that is another story.

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