Cojones, or No Cojones…

Cojones.  You know what that word refers to, don’t you?  Well, what happens next in Trump’s America depends entirely on whether Mr Barr and Mr Durham have any  …according to Jim Kunstler.

He uses the word in his latest blog in exactly that context, quite rightly in my opinion.  And he also asks the question:  

“How Far Will They Go?”

…’They’ being the co-conspirators who… well, read the piece, you’ll work it out.

If there is anybody, anywhere, who doesn’t understand the position that America has engineered for itself right now, Jim’s explanation will bring you right up to date with all the necessary nuances of the scene. 

I have nothing more to say on it.  I’m just waiting for the bricks to fall  …or the shoes to drop …or something like that.

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