Irremediably Sick Society

“Butina believes she was convicted in the US because she is Russian” – TASS

The United States is an irremediably sick society, a phrase carefully chosen because I cannot believe there is any hope of it ever changing for the better any time before it finally degrades itself to becoming something much worse in the near future.

Anybody, especially Russians, and any nation not already welded to the US, who mistakenly think there is any benefit in having any kind of relationship with that pariah of a country, is a fool that fully deserves whatever shit gets laid on them.  A charge that of course applies to Maria Butina – who was obviously up to no good of some sort – as it does to every other such fool. I hope she has learned some sort of lesson from her misadventure in the land of the free.   She is lucky she is a Russian and not some Australian fool.

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