Mistakenly Forgetting the Basics

Here’s something interesting.  Well, it’s interesting to me, and probably ought to be of interest to everybody since it has the potential to effect all our lives in the future – The World Magnetic Model (WMM).

The Earth’s magnetic pole over that last few years has become very erratic.  To the extent that the normal 5-year interval update of the model parameters (last regular update in 2015) needed to be hastily corrected at the start of this year and will be reviewed again at the normal time before the end of the year, ready for 2020.

This is important, why?  Well, all the world’s navigation systems rely on accurate data concerning the magnetic pole.  Is that important enough?

RT reported this situation earlier in the year, saying that the magnetic pole has shifted since 2015 from positioned over Canada to now being over Siberia.

I could be flippant and say that this indicates the end of the era when the world revolved around America and the start of the era when the world will revolve around Russia.

‘Many a true word has been spoken in jest’, or as Shakespeare put it “Jesters do oft prove prophets.” – King Lear.

That aside, could it not be considered that this may also be the rumblings of our much abused planet in the making of a play to utterly confuse the basis of mankind’s current globalised industrial folly and bring our civilisation to its knees in a concerted effort to negate the harm we have done?  A play that we are also utterly powerless to control. 

It bears thinking about.

Whatever it may mean, we should all look to the next WMM forecast in the next month or so with great interest – and not a little trepidation.  A little humility might also not go astray.

Let us not forget that in the overall scheme of things we are a race of insignificant and fragile beings living in a precarious bubble on a natural globe that is immensely more powerful than we have come to believe and have mistakenly forgotten, travelling endlessly through a completely hostile universe that we have only a marginal 5% knowledge as to of what it consists and to how it really works. 

It would not be difficult, or unprecedented, for our comfortable existence to be overturned in a single instant – and possibly without much warning.

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