‘Whistleblowers’ and Protecting the Innocent

“Halloween is Over and the Jig is Up” – Kunstler

The jig is up, the die is cast, the game is over, however you wish to state it the truth is about to be revealed and the slow-motion train wreck that is the US Democratic Party is about to crash into the bumpers at the end of the line.

Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower that the Democrats are relying on as the lungs behind their ridiculous impeachment process. Jim Kunstler gives the matter a pretty good roasting. And he is not the only one, as evidence mounts. Take a look at these reports:

5 things to know about alleged “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella

Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Worked With DNC Operative Who Sought Dirt On Trump From Ukrainian Officials

…and there are others if you care to check.

The Democrats, a number of high ranking officials of certain Intelligence Agencies and some (ex-)politicians are about to be hoisted by their own petards. 

The Democrats could be so weakened by the fallout from this adventure that they become an unviable voting option for the upcoming election. But how can you hold an election with only one party to vote for? Whatever that may be called it is not a democracy. A democracy is very similar though, because while there are more choices in a democracy it still doesn’t matter who actually wins, the result is still the same. 

What am I saying? I was trying to make this an argument for there not being a US election next year, but I have proved (to my own satisfaction) that one party, two parties or more, is pretty much the same thing.  Although I suppose a nation that pretends to be a democracy might have some rule about there needing to be some sort of superfluous choice – for appearances sake, you know. 

So, a 2020 US election is still in some doubt.

The doubt would be entirely removed of course if one half of the nation became so incensed with the demise of their party of choice that they decided to blow up the whole shebang with some sort of civil war. That, I think, may well and truly be on the cards for 2020.

I’m keeping my virtual pop-corn warm and my virtual cola cool for that show.

I provide no images with this post in the interests of protecting the innocent – but Pres. Trump’s face is very well known anyway.

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