If Viewed Strategically, the Case is One of Containment of the US

For long pursuing its own policy of containment of those it views as threats to its divine mission, it now appears the US (though that nation may not yet realise or even acknowledge the true situation – due to its constant obsessive mirror work of self-adoration) is itself in process of being contained and eventually constrained to operate only within the limits of North America.

On one flank, the US is hedged in by Russia and China – with growing influence over the whole of the Eurasian landmass – not to mention the adjacent continent of Africa.

On the other flank it will in all likelihood be thrown out of Europe. Perhaps I should more diplomatically say, will be influenced and constrained to do so by the advancement of Russia or Russian influence in a Europe that will shortly find itself in dire straits and in need of real friends – viz. Russia/China/Eurasia.

That doesn’t leave much of the world to dominate. Let’s see. Oh, yes. That would be just Central/South America. But…

‘El País: Brussels is alarmed by the influence of Russia and China in Latin America’ – News Front

Source: pulse.mail.ru

So, it now becomes much clearer to see why both Russia and China have been putting much effort on many fronts to increasingly partner with the many nations of that region which is generally recognised as being a large part of the Global South – much of which is already aligned with the Eurasian conglomerate, having suffered as the US backyard for far too long.

It is quite a clever long-term plan.

While I have at times (mostly when unduly incensed by their grossly atrocious behaviour in various parts of the world) been known to advocate nuking N. America, I am fully aware that such action would solve nothing and also be intolerably inhumane and unfair to the vast majority of N. Americans (and in fact all peoples). Containment, until free from the illusions of ‘divine missions’ and the gaining of an acceptance that they are just like everybody else and with the same rights and obligations, nothing more, is a much more acceptable and desirable plan. Even if it takes several generations to achieve.

Well, it is a plan, anyway. And we are in need of some such, after a generation at least, of drifting aimlessly, drawing ever closer to self-annihilation – while much of the world suffers without any form of recourse or hope for something better.

It seems though, whether by accident or design, some folks have been quietly working to make such a plan realisable. And it seems to be working.

The plan, now even has a name – ‘The New Era’ – as used by President Xi. A simple name which really needs no elaboration.

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