A Free Europe – Under Russian Protection

This character ‘Batiushka’, whoever he is (the name, a pseudonym, I think [I could be misinterpreting that of course], appears to be a corruption or derivation of ‘batyushka’ – the anglicised version of the cyrillic ‘Батюшка’, meaning father, daddy, or priest ), is becoming something of a feature on the Saker blog in recent times. I can’t say I agree with everything he writes there, some of which is beyond my interest or the extent of my knowledge, but he does share ideas that are very similar to my previously published views (and probably much better expressed) when it comes to discussing modern times in the context of the West versus Russia/China relationship. And so I am happy to share his thoughts.

I find the ideas presented in the piece linked below to be very interesting – and an extension of my own previously published views. Without further comment from me, please read…

‘On the Transfiguration of Europe: From Nuland’s Dream to Nuland’s Nightmare’ – by Batiushka for the Saker blog – August 19, 2022

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