I recently discovered a website – well, ‘discovered’ is hardly the right word; the website was there; somebody put it there; other people most likely knew it was there; so I didn’t discover it, I merely somehow blindly stumbled across it, led by a ring through my enquiring nose (no, I had better not write that; someone is sure to think I wear a nose-ring); Ok, led by an enquiring mind to search for it. No even that is wrong. I wasn’t searching for it. I didn’t know it was there so how could I search for it? I was performing a loosely related search for something else, or to be even more precise, for information loosely related to something else. I can’t even remember what that something else was now. Anyway, I found it, this website. No, I didn’t find it. It was sitting there, with a link on the screen in front of me. So I didn’t find it. It found me. Was it actually looking for me, I wonder? Or was it the result of some electronic gimmickry which interpreted my search request and thought (can electronic gimmickry even think?) ‘it’ – the website I’m talking about (in case you forgot) – might conceivably be something I may be interested in looking at. Or was the electronic gimmickry merely trying to sell me something or surreptitiously direct my enquiry, step by step, in some barely related direction of its own choosing and for its own purposes? Can electronic gimmickry make such choices? …and what’s in it for them? Do they get paid? How? Or do they simply try to remain useful for as long as possible by directing enquirers here and there according to some decision logic in order to not be cast aside to whatever dismal recycling system it is that no longer useful electronic gimmickry is despatched at end-of-life? Is electronic gimmickry actually recyclable and how much longer am I going to drag out this what I can see as going to eventually become an entirely circular line of thought which was raised solely to illustrate how necessary it is to use words properly and in the proper context?

That is not what I was going to write about but I have forgotten what that was now.


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