West Now Desperately Wants the Ukraine Thing to Disappear – Rapidly

In its own quaint machine translation to english, VZGLYAD points out the dilemma facing the west in light of their own (the west’s) new found desperate need (I will say more on that) to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is a ‘conflict’, it is not a ‘war’, as I have said before. A conflict initiated by the west to draw Russia into a trap. Well, the trap was sprung, and it was the west that was caught in it, not Russia. And now the west, having seen their pet conflict and pet stooge rapidly ‘going south’, and their own hometown situations turning full mayhemonic (thank you Robert Williams – a world where Walt Disney fears to tread.” – [with the potential for themselves to be disposed of like bro Abe – although there is no direct correlation of circumstances] ). This, together with the west’s already unbalanced social orders about to flip over, Sri Lanka style, they want out of Ukraine – ‘quick like‘.

‘There was information about secret negotiations between the United States and Europe to end the conflict in Ukraine’ – VZGLYAD

Even up to a few days ago the west was still busily shipping arms to Ukraine, and no doubt there are still some in the pipeline. But in conflict situations things can change quickly. And while the end result was always known by the informed. the west, being so heavily invested in their own creation, their very existence fully dependent on achieving their own desired result, they were quite unable to see what was actually happening. Until now (perhaps a few days ago) – at which point it was too late to salvage anything. The best they can hope for is that Russia is lenient and also wants it to end. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that Russia will not end it – and the west should note, they are not the ones sitting in the big chair any more, on this, or anything else much. I repeat, Russia will not end this until all (and I mean ALL) its demands from last December have been agreed, documented and actualised. Nothing less will suffice. Nor should it. A new Eurasia centred world order must be established, NATO disbanded, and the US military – all of it – removed from European soil. Those things may not have been explicitly worded, but the documents provided to the west by Russia those many months ago, meant exactly that.

It seems to me the west is in no position to argue on any point here. Europe must make it happen. Because if they don’t, they will also cease to exist. But a reasonable future can still await the whole west, if it takes the right path. But…

If they want to make a fight of it, as Mr Putin said – “Let them try!”.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The west has not the resources or the manpower (men trying to be women and women trying to be men, won’t cut it) to even consider making such a play. They really need to be rescued from themselves.

In any case, it is already a new world. Belgorod is here – delivered to the Russian Navy today or yesterday, and Poseidon is here (comes with Belgorod). The US Navy, if it wasn’t obsolete before, certainly is now.

Making choices becomes so much easier. Although I suppose it depends on how much of this the west is capable of understanding.

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