Western Reporters Incapacity to Comprehend; Is It Inbred or Learned?

I do not envy the task of Russian diplomats who are required to face a cohort of either unintelligent or possibly dumbed down western media reporters on a daily basis. In fact I feel they must be a special type of person – the diplomats I mean, not the reporters – to maintain polite conversation in the face of sheer idiocy. Western media in general of course does not live in the same world as the rest of us. There is a secret door somewhere, through which their journalists pass, solely to interract with hapless diplomats who are thus trapped in the same room unable to avoid the frustrating contact. Afterwards the journos are shepherded back to their own world where any notes they have taken have no meaning. Allowing them to write whatever garbage comes into their heads and settles into the tiny space between their ears where their brain used to live. This is the only possible scenario that fits the situation.

And this, my dear friends, is why fine, upstanding, and hopelessly over-qualified people like Dmitri Peskov, have to explain in the simplest of terms to the dimmest of dimwits the things other fine, upstanding people like President Putin have recently said, in perfectly clear terms that any ordinary person could not fail to understand and incorporate into their own personal mental picture of the status of world affairs.

Now that I have explained it that way, the thought occurs as to how this ridiculous daily ritual dance has both developed in the first place and further is still allowed to go on when it produces nothing of importance that even vaguely resembles anything in real life – ever.

I only rarely scan western news now (because it is pointless to do so) and every time I try, it hits me square in the face that there is not a word of truth in any of it which has any bearing on actual world events. And if you only ever read the cat and dog stories, well, just keep doing that. This is not for you. What are you actually doing here?

Ok, well, getting around to why I wrote this piece, I can say that the story I put in my previous post about what Mr Putin said recently, was perfectly understandable. I understood exactly what he was saying, and I could not have been fooled by some spurious translation to english (it was actually a quite professional translation, compared to say a software parse) because I have been following the real story line since the beginning of the conflict and also way back for years now. So I have a good compendium of information on the workings of foreign relations between many nations now. I would have smelt it if something was even a little off with the story, but everything that was said fit perfectly with the image I have built and there was really nothing new there either. There could be no misunderstanding or doubt on my part. I would have had questions if that were the case.

So, really it was a pointless thing to even hold a subsequent press conference. No further explanation was required. Of course I realise it is reporters job to probe in the hope of something being let slip or pointers to future events might be revealed, but reporters never ask appropriate questions that an official might be authorised to answer in response. All they ever do is to make insinuations as to the validity of previous statements or try to alter the flow by talking around some possibly quite unrelated thing which could not possibly be discussed. And then from any non-answers received by the hopelessly outclassed reporters, they are then at liberty to construct some ‘cock and bull’ or BS story from their own fertile imaginations or subtle suggestions or direct instructions from their mentors. It is beyond belief. The whole thing a Danse Macabre from beginning to end.

Is there any wonder the public who read that shit have no idea what is real and what is crap. Unless they, like me, follow their own trail of alternative sources – better make that reliable alternative sources – because there are as many BS experts in the alt-media as there are in the broadstream (I’m tired of saying mainstream).

And how is reliability discerned? Eventually, on more occasions than not, they will be proved to have been right. Or at least in the same ballpark. A lot of information building and virtual leg-work – and time – has to go into that process. You can start with what you intrinsically already know or feel about what familiar sources say – which may even provide a good foundation or at least a base to first engage your bloodhound nose. But you must spread your net widely if you hope to catch the rare fish – the good ones with the fine meat and the firm backbone. It’s a never-ending process, because well, allegiances do change, people come and go. But the reward is that you are working toward a state where you may never be fooled, misinformed or uninformed again. And that may soon save your life.

I don’t think I have answered my original question. Well, not fully. Never mind, there may well be another day.

Oh, before I go, I suppose I should say something about what the fuss was about with reporters not understanding what Mr Putin said. TASS has that story (I almost forgot that too): ‘Kremlin spokesman clarifies Putin’s remark regarding Ukraine operation’ – TASS

He said… Oh, stuff it, it’s 2am – read the TASS report.

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