Hey! This Guy’s Good! – Not Perfect, But Good

I came across this American blog today (thanks to Ilargi at The Automatic Earth). It belongs to, and is the work of, William Schryver, a male who lives in the US (which is about all he wants us to know about him). But, I tell you what, his views on the Ukraine thing are almost aligned with mine. So, I have time for him. Which means I will watch for a while before deciding whether to do the ‘follow’ thing. He has no history on the blog (only started this month) but has used Twitter previously.

My first instinct is to share his posts in full here, but they are far more colourful than mine and with better pictures so that would require some effort. So, treat yourself and go visit his site at imetatronink and specifically this recent post (not his most recent) – ‘Destroying the “Mother of All Proxy Armies” in Ukraine’.

I could argue (politely) a few points, but it is pretty damn close to the way I see it. Good stuff. From what I have read I would say that Schryver has some sort of military background.

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