The New Medvedev

This Medvedev I like.

It has taken a while, but now finding his voice in the new role. A recent brilliant Putin move. Recent? How recent? Well, as I recall, it was at the same time as the most recent constitutional adjustments which Russia made, and since time flies on swift wings these days, that could have been well over a year ago. Perhaps even pre-Covid.

My goodness! What exciting times we live in! I don’t know about ‘love’ being in the air, but ‘change’ certainly is.

‘Change’ is all around us and if the Russian SMO has any meaning at all, it is to steer us away from entering the looming portal to an endless Dark Age – towards which we have had our steps directed for at least 6 years now (I first mentioned it in 2016). So, bring on the change! Embrace the change! Work with the change, not against it. Help the new Dmitri Mevedev (and all Russian leadership) make the ‘bastards and geeks’ who want to enslave the world, disappear.

The New Medvedev – a translated copy of an image used by Andrei Martyanov in: ‘On A Lighter Note. LOL.’

Without knowing who was responsible for the creation of this image, I can offer no explicit credit. Other than offering with a mixture of apology and kudos to Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic.

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