Sunday Surrender Offer to All Mariupol Militants

Intercepted radio messages from the remaining beleaguered militants trapped in Mariupol declare their desperate plight. Out of food and ammunition they beg for Kiev to allow them to surrender. Kiev says no, you die there or you will be executed on return. Russian armed forces offer another, more clement, way, more humane way, to leave.

‘Russian Armed Forces offer militants in Mariupol to surrender – Defense Ministry’ – TASS

The outcome is assured, but will sense prevail? War is one thing, but dying unnecessarily for a lost cause would be the height of stupidity when there are other alternatives. Will self-preservation win out over irrational thought?

Is a government that will kill you for not dying to preserve it, worth dying for, when a more humane one holds out a hand?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Surrender Offer to All Mariupol Militants

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  1. If you are speaking of Russia as being the more humane choices for the troops trapped in Mariupol then you either have not seen or have not believed the stories of Russian atrocities in that beleagured area. So far, every public pronouncement that Russia has made in regards to this struggle have been either flawed, mistaken or a pack of lies. How can you possibly believe that Russia, who loves to kill civilians .. is going to extend any mercy to surrendering Ukrainian soldiers?

    1. John, as an American or a supporter of the global evil that the US represents, you have obviously been taken in by the lies of your own nation’s propaganda – so often proved that I do not need to add to that national stigma. Your government is rotten to the core and has been that way for at least the past 70+ years. But of course you believe in your own exceptional status in the world and nothing your country does can be wrong. How misled you are. I feel pity for you.

      Russia, on the other hand, is one of the most noble and trustworthy nations on Earth, and along with its ally China is attempting to provide conditions that would free you from your delusions. You should be grateful for what Russian soldiers, so massively outnumbered by the US trained, NATO supplied, Nazi affiliated, Ukraine army (but still managing to surround the bulk of those Ukie troops and slowly strangle them to death in cauldrons like Mariupol), are doing on your behalf. You may not be aware, but only some units of the Russian National Guard, some 80,000 by all accounts, of Russian servicemen – none of them regular units of the Russian army – have so far been committed to this conflict – and they are winning!!! Ukrainian troops, miserable wretches, are surrendering to them in large numbers – watch this video – – and maybe have a read of this – – fresh today from a Russian military expert living in your country.

      I don’t expect to convince you of the worthiness of the Russian effort nor the despicable part in the conflict your own nation plays. That would require some supreme effort on your part to actually think straight and let go of everything you have accumulated from your own discredited media, government, and indeed your way of life. My guess is that would be mission impossible.

      1. It would be about as impossible to away my world view as it would be to sway a faithful Russian from their world view because both sides have been conditioned by the propaganda of their leaders …It works both ways.

  2. I pray that the day comes .. and soon .. that you will personally be enjoying the benefits handed to you directly by your most trustworthy and noble Mother Russia. You may thank me for my prayers later.

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