The United States – A State of Hypocrisy

Every year about this time the US State Department issues its report on Human Rights. Always a hypocritical statement of everyone else’s problems in an unfair and unfriendly world the US has itself, through its own misguided foreign policies, helped to create. Each year this is an act of sheer hypocrisy on the part of the US government, which should be directing its gaze inwards towards its own human rights abuses and other internal problems effecting the plight of its population and elements of social justice before issuing statements criticising others.

The other America – those nations the US seeks to crush and subjugate, have, over the years of this century so far, formed alliances to combat US advances and attempts to subvert their future. One of those alliances is ALBA-TCP, as a result of which the TeleSUR organisation (I found today – always learning) was established.

The ALBA-TCP trade agreement is still going strong, while the US introduced FTAA has more or less fizzled out.

‘ALBA-TCP Rejects US State Department Report on Human Rights’ – TeleSUR

Are you wondering what is ALBA-TCP? A 2015 article from Strategic Culture Foundation (linked below) provides a good background to that. I offer a quote from that report…

To stand in support of Venezuela and the ALBA countries today is to be on the side of sovereignty, self-determination and social justice, not only of the ALBA members, but also of all of Latin America and the Caribbean as the most promising region in the world for the future of mankind.

The Defeat of the FTAA. The Emergence of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP)” – Strategic Culture Foundation

See Also – ‘Venezuela Rejects Washington’s Biased Report on Human Rights’ – TeleSUR

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