Differences Between the Forces of Evil and the Forces of Good – Illustrated

I am not going to say much about the forces of evil, fully supported (armed, trained, managed*) and backed by the western powers. Their evil doings are well documented – although not so well known (read that as ‘obscured’) to those who are ‘blessed’ by corrupted western media. I will cite one example.

* Guided by western military experts. As an example, up to 100 such ‘managers’, some rumoured to be high ranking NATO officers, are among the remaining enemy forces trapped in bunkers within the Azovstahl works in Mariupol. High-risk missions, all of them failing, to extract them by helicopter at night and recently a Ukraine flagged cargo ship tried to divert into that port to pick them up. At least eight military helicopters have been shot down (among images of the wreckage of which were either US or UK military helmets plus documents) and the ship was hit by Russian fire, turning it away. These ‘managers’ will not escape the judgement that is being prepared for them.

On the side of the forces of good – ably led and directed by one Mr V Putin, there is also ample evidence – also ‘obscured’, in fact diabolically ‘distorted’ by western media (read that as ‘there’s not a word of truth in what they say’). Again I will cite only one example.

The ideology of the evil side allows them to indulge in beatings, rape, torture, mutilation, execution and murder – often of civilians unfortunate enough to live in places where they operate. Diverting blame for their own crimes onto the forces of good is also a major ‘biggie’ for them.

I think this image is illustrative enough to make the point. I will not display any of the more graphic images and video of Ukraine Nazi atrocities. They are readily available

From Martyanov blog – http://smoothiex12.blogspot.com/2022/04/whats-deal-with-ben-hodges.html

On the other side, the forces of good take great care – often resulting in more tragedy than might be the case for their own troops – to care for the wellbeing and security of both the civilian population in their operation areas and also for the many enemy soldiers, caught or surrendered, for whose welfare they are also responsible. Ukraine captured soldiers are well cared for by the Russians – unless they are of the fascist persuasion, which rightly entails summary punishment as they are irredeemable for return to the citizenry.

An example? See this video. A Russian-Chechen leader, Adam Delimkhanov, who is also a Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, addresses surrendered Ukraine soldiers. I really like that he picks out a young woman in the group at the end of the video and asks if she is doing Ok. Russia doesn’t forget that these are real soldiers, and also people. The rabid fascists will already have been separated from the group for other treatment, and deservedly so.

If you wish to view this with your preferred language in subtitles, just set CC on, then select ‘Settings’ (cogwheel) followed by ‘Subtitles/CC’, then select ‘Auto Translate’. Brings up a language list (if available – and it is for this video). Choose your preferred language. Lots of languages covered. Quality of translation is spotty, as it is generated from speech sound but good enough to get most of what is being said (and you may generate a smile from some of the mistakes).

There is such a contrast between how the west and its war-minions-du-jour behave and the behaviour of the more civilised folk of Russia and other non-western aligned nations. It is hard to understand how some folk succumb to the evil advances of the smooth-tongued liars, either believing everything they say or simply acquiescing out of fear, to their demands. But don’t worry. Those days are being ended, and will be stamped out by the bravery of the Russian military – perhaps later to be joined with the efforts of other like-minded nations. The world is turning, and not just on its axis. The current world where evildoers have prospered for many decades, even centuries, is coming to an end. The west will sink, to rise no more.

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