Plain Speaking Lavrov – “Russian special operation aims to end US’ course towards total domination”

“Our special military operation aims to put an end to the unfettered expansions and unfettered course towards total domination of the US and other Western states under it on the international arena,” he said.

Sergei Lavrov, as reported by TASS

Russian special operation aims to end US’ course towards total domination — Lavrov’ – TASS

It couldn’t be stated more plainly. Russia knows what it wants to achieve; has planned for it long before this conflict; And what Russia wants and plans for, Russia gets.

Both Russia and the west (US/NATO/EU) know that Russia has the means to achieve its aims. Both Russia and the west also know that all the west has to counter Russia’s aims, and even that only temporarily, is threats and bluff. Thank goodness Russia’s plans and goals are driven by altruism as well as patriotism. They are plans and goals that will benefit the whole world and ensure a safer place in which to live. They are the plans and goals also of a growing list of nations. Russia creates friendship among nations while the west isolates itself through self-indulgent exceptionalism and racism, and aligns itself with abominable ideologies such as Wahhabism, Zionism and Nazism, as the only (supposedly) effective means at their disposal to wage conflict with the ‘big stick’ they used to wield. Or perhaps merely threatened to wield, since they never faced up to a real enemy of peer status. Russia presents as a force of superior peer status for the west – and Russia disdains and has no time for the new, or even the old, ideologies of the west.

It is a clear choice, don’t you think, who you and I should be supporting, and endeavouring to turn our nations toward?

As a westerner myself, I feel a level of pity for the ordinary folk of the west. For whom all that I have said above will be unbelievable because it does not fit, in any way, with what they have been surreptitiously led to believe. For them, what lies ahead for humanity will be a source of bemusement, fear and querulous indignance. I doubt many will find the will to overcome their reticence to accept and embrace the new world order – especially when accompanied or shortly impacted by the looming climatic changes which are likely to be just as or even more impactful than a mere change in world order. But, in a fairer world, there may be a little more hope for a better outcome.

As I have said many times before – ‘Thank goodness there is a Russia’.

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