The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

You may remember back near the beginning of the siege of Mariupol,still only a few weeks ago, that a Ukrainian general officer was shot dead for daring to question the Azov Nazi contingent ordering his men around. Well those same men, marines of the 36th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, just happened to be among the several hundred troops who sensibly surrendered to DPR forces in the last few days and who were featured in video as part of my recent post on that event. Some of these marines, keen to rescue the body of their commanding officer (which has been ‘bullied’ by the Nazis) and have agreed to lead a DPR contingent back into the Azovstahl fortress to rescue the remains. This, I think may just be the serendipitous happenstance the Russian and Donbass forces may have wished for.

I suspect there are many units within the now hopelessly contained Ukraine military who would, given the opportunity, turn around on these better equipped fanatics whom they have been forced into obeying and sharing the fate of, by a corrupt government. What is left of Ukraine, which will not be much, after this conflict is over, will need those soldiers to form the basis of its rebuilt army. It will have no requirement for a navy and will not have the means to afford a modern air force.

So, things should begin to open up from here.

‘Surrendered Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine helped in the operation of the DPR militia in Mariupol’ – VZGLYAD

In other news, the DPR now has full control of the port of Mariupol (always part of the territory of the Donetsk region but never, until now, under their control) and has begun operation of liberating the crews of the many foreign vessels illegally held there by Ukraine.

‘Troops of Russia and NM DPR completely took control of the port of Mariupol’ – Top War

But what news of the remaining elements of Ukraine military in this now almost completely liberated city?

Well, it seems the phrase ‘burn them out’ is being used as a hint for what happens next. It has already been stated that Russian chemical troops are being brought in. All possible exits from the underground levels of the steel works where they are holed up now are being blocked. What does this mean? I think (and have read somewhere recently) that gas will be introduced. The suggestion is that this will be a non-lethal gas (maybe a ‘happy gas’ of some sort) to disable those – there may still be civilians amongst them and also NATO advisors. This seems to me to be an ideal solution, enabling the Nazi terrorists and any other known war criminals to be brought to justice and face the consequences of their actions. I hasten to add that this is mostly speculation on my part but it is these folks good luck that they are trapped by the Russians and not the US – who would have obliterated the steelworks with MOABs by now and without a second thought.

And then there is the Pravda version of ‘burn them out’…

‘Donetsk Militia burn Ukrainian forces out of Mariupol’ – Pravda

Whatever the means, the endgame for this part of the conflict is not far away. And already there are a multitude of rabid reports from western media – which no-one should take any notice of – of Russian chemical attacks there. The truth will eventually emerge. Just be patient. Allow the fog of war to disperse.

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