Welcome News From Mariupol

Thank goodness some common sense still prevails among the military of Ukraine. Over 1,000 members of the 36th marine infantry brigade – the same unit from which there were several hundred members who laid down their arms to surrender to DPR forces a couple of days ago. Some of those earlier POWs volunteering to guide DPR forces back into the steelworks to retrieve the body of their commanding officer, as I reported in previous post.

‘Over 1,000 Ukrainian troops surrender in Mariupol — Russian top brass’ – TASS

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov
© Vadim Savitsky/Russian Defence Ministry Press Office/TASS

I wonder if it will emerge that this fresh group of soldiers making the right decision to surrender today, actually yesterday now in my time zone, was as a result of that rescue being attempted? I can’t wait to find out.

I wonder also how the west is going to report this event? How can a beaten Russian army on its last legs (which is how western sources have portrayed the conflict) get a victorious and triumphant top grade Ukraine marine brigade to surrender to it? That’s a story I must check too.

Bravo the lads and lasses of the DPR militia forces. Well done. And for the members of the Ukraine 36th marine infantry brigade who have had enough of pandering to Nazis, you have made the right decision. Your country need you – after the end of the conflict, that is. Meanwhile, I’m sure you will be well looked after.

I will just make a final note here… I suggest that it is good thinking (and a sense of occasion) that the Russian forces are stepping back and not taking a prominent position (that is they are not ‘glory seeking’ as their western opponents would be in the same circumstances) in regions that rightly belong to the newly recognised independent republics of Donbass. That is how it should be. Well done, and well managed, Russia. It is of no consequence what the fading west may think of your actions.

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