“Russia’s fight is the fight of all peoples who value freedom and resist tyranny.”

“We are all Russians now.” says Eamon McKinney at Strategic Culture Foundation in the fine article he titles “The War on Humanity”. He is also responsible for the quote I used as my title for this piece.

And he is right on all three counts. We are in a war, all of us, though most do not yet know it and may not even want to know it. Well they will get to know it, if they are lucky, because it will eventually impact all of us in some way. This is a war by the west, led by the ‘exceptionalists’ in the US – who show disdain for everyone else, including their own allies. It is a war for ‘control’. Control of you and me. Do you get that? You will – if it doesn’t kill you first. The plan is for you to own nothing – and it doesn’t matter whether you will like that or not.

“The War on Humanity…” – Eamon McKinney at Strategic Culture Foundation – March 5, 2022

We need a New World Order, except that phrase has been purloined by the enemy – the western elites and the WEF scoundrels who are behind the Great Reset. Andrei Martyanov came up with an alternative name. He calls it the New, New World Order and claims its birth is what we are seeing Russia fighting for. I can’t say I am all that keen on that name but it will do for now. So, we should all be getting behind Russia and aiding them in whatever ways we can. “We are all Russians now”. China, incidentally, is also a partner in this rising tide. China too is an honorable nation that is being dishonestly and unfairly targeted by the west. In fact pretty much the whole of Eurasia is on side with this move. The Antagonistas are simply the Anglo-zionists (Five Eyes & Israel) plus NATO. They must not and will not win. If necessary, they must be splatted – and we (the rest of the world, 90% of all people) have the two now most powerful nations on Earth (Russia/China) on our side.

I can count myself as being on the ‘rest of the world’ side, even though I am Australian, because I can see what is going on …and I am so saddened that so many westerners cannot see that.

Don’t you realise – don’t you ordinary, everyday folk realise, that your governments have conned you into an anti-Russian mindset with lies and distortions of every kind through their subservient media about what Russia is doing? While at the same time lending support and backing to a regime of fanatical Nazis in Ukraine – which has usurped by stealth the honor of nationhood in any case, and will soon lose that honor, along with all its lands (being subdivided between all surrounding lands is the way things are looking).

Russia is one of the most upright, honest, trustworthy and decent nations on this planet. They are fighting for you, yes YOU (as well as for their own existence of course), because if they lose and the New, New World Order does not flourish and grow to defeat the west and its nasty Nazi knuckle-heads, it is over for all of us. The world will become a prison planet. That is why Russia must win this conflict. The stakes are that high. Can you imagine? Can you come to believe that? You need to.

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