OK, Not Feb 16, How About Feb 19?

News just happening (so this is not going to be very clear) is that a general evacuation of the Donbass into Russia has been ordered by the leaders of LDPR (combination of LPR and DPR), following heavy shelling going on throughout many hours during Feb 18.

I have gathered a few reports but don’t expect anything to be clearly reported for a while.

This could be it. No Russian invasion was just too much disappointment for the Nazi idiots in Ukraine. What usually follows continuous shelling? Movement of troops, of course. But from the oppposite of the advertised direction. This will be a Ukrainian invasion of the separated Donbass republics.

‘Breakaway Donetsk republic orders evacuation’ – RT

‘Ukrainian army bombards Lugansk Republic from large-caliber guns’ – TASS

‘Russia alarmed by reports of intensive shelling in Donbass, Lavrov says’ – TASS

Donetsk People’s Rep. Head Orders Mass Evacuation of Civilians to Russia – Telegram

‘Soldiers of the DPR People’s Militia repulsed a sortie by Ukrainian saboteurs near Gorlovka’ – ANNA News

Well, this changes everything, if it is what it appears to be. And it could well be Ukrainian suicide if they actually step over the LDPR borders.

That’s it for now. I must sleep, in readiness for what happens next.

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