This Is Modern (Woke) America, Folks

This is the place that ‘wokeism’ takes you. Or at least it is a step along the way (I’m sure the degradation is not yet complete). It ends of course in a society (if that word still applies) lacking any form of sanity or self-respect. Such is the depraved path that modern America now treads. It will end in tears.

What is that in the red lace thing? Is it a man? It certainly isn’t a woman. Is it a horse? Is it a dog? No! It’s a Biden appointed “…high-ranking post in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, a position that involves liaising with counterparts in China, Russia and Iran on nuclear-related issues including the JCPOA”. And as such, it is an insult to China, Russia and Iran. Does anybody in that image look at all happy, apart from the queer, that is. Yes, it is the ‘queer’, Sam Brinton. You may well goggle, splutter, and spill your coffee. He is said to be a ‘pup-handler’ – well, he has the outfit for it. Read the article for an explanation. Which brought the question to my mind – “I wonder whose ‘pup’ he used to be, to get such a high-ranking position for himself?”

‘Have We Just Witnessed the America-Israel Endspiel in the Nuclear Talks with Iran?’ – Vladimir Danilov for New Eastern Outlook

…and America expects to be taken seriously? … Seriously?

For my part, I’m just bemused – and slightly amused – but, overall, simply disgusted.

I would rather be anything other than a westerner right now. If only (but not only) because the west is self-destructing as we live …and there is nothing worth saving.

And, for his part… well, I’m absolutely sure that none of China, Russia or Iran would have equivalent queer counterparts for Brinton to liaise with. Those are all serious nations, displaying level-headedness and stability.

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