Yesterday, When The War Didn’t Begin

Reflections on the title of the excellent teen-novel and movie – ‘Tomorrow, When The War Began’, we can look back now to yesterday, when the most recently anticipated war, on Europe’s eastern borders, failed to show up – causing red faces throughout the halls from which continually emanate issuances of fake western propaganda. That ‘no show’ was, of course, always going to be the case – barring blunders and provocations (which were also absent).

The west, naturally, has no shame. Not a blush is left in them. No apology to the world. Not even, as far as I can see, any profuse revelling in their supreme power to prevent such things, simply by proclaiming them – though that may yet come.

But on the other hand there is this… A well thought out Global Times editorial on the lessons which may be drawn from such a futile episode – which will eventually become listed in the world’s most infamous events that never happened. Perhaps I had better add – ‘on schedule’ to that statement, because for one side to be so frustrated and embarrassed (again, if there is any possibility of that) and a side which is so desperate to have a war (which they incorrectly believe might solve some of their domestic problems), that they could potentially, as a last gasp affair, start it going themselves anyway at some stage.

‘World can learn profoundly from February 16, 2022: Global Times editorial’ – Global Times – Feb 16, 2022

A drone carries a Ukrainian National flag above the Independence Square to mark a “Day of Unity” in Kyiv on Wednesday. Photo: AFP

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