Russia More Interested in Syria Than Ukraine Right Now

Turning now from a situation which holds everybody’s attention just now – Ukraine – scene of yet another hasty US and western withdrawal (they like it better in Lvov (Lviv) than Kiev – it’s as far west and close to an EU border you can get and still be in Ukraine), to something of greater importance where Russia does actually have a plan, in concert with the Syrian government, and its military are actually involved in useful and legitimate pursuits. I mentioned a few days ago the stopping off at Tartus, in Syria, of a fleet of Russian naval vessels – mostly transport ships – which afterwards went into the Black Sea for naval drills. Those landing ships obviously would not have arrived empty in Syria and we can now speculate on some of what they may have been carrying. Logistical support for the strategic bombers just arrived there and possibly also for a renewed push to clean up areas in Syria still infested with terrorists and their western minders.

I suggested earlier that Russia may be preparing to drive (coerce, usher, prompt, insist, goad, influence) the US and other western interests to leave that country, completing a job they began in 2015 at Syria’s request for assistance. The west may be realising it now has no option to stand up to or against the Russian military – their only remaining threat being that of ‘sanctions from hell’, which in the past and present have only served to make the Russian economy stronger and to weaken that of their own. I think it is also time to recognise that all western economies are now in imminent danger of total collapse within weeks or months.

And now, today, when, according to deranged western minds, Russia will invade Ukraine, Russian Defence Minister Shoigu is paying a visit to Syria, monitoring naval drills in the Mediterranean, inspecting the Khmeimim air base and speaking with President Assad. I will tell you honestly, my best assessment is that there is more going on in Syria for the Russian military than there is in Ukraine – far more, and with good reason.

The US, needing a distraction from their failure in Ukraine – a failure of understanding, of credibility, of propaganda, of underestimation, of risk, etc., etc.., they desperately need another option. And rather stupidly, which happens when you make panic stricken decisions, they have some time ago chosen to make that option a restart of their Syrian disruption. Russia, with so much invested in that country, is having none of that, and will see it fail – as with everything else the dying US empire tries to do, in whatever time it has left to fade away into insignificance.

I guess this news and the news also that some Russian military drills have concluded in the vicinity of Ukraine border, with some troops consequently returning to base (as planned), properly knocks on the head any talk of Russia invading Ukraine. The west will no doubt engineer some sort of ‘win’ out of this but even ‘blind Freddy’ can see who is afraid of confronting who in/over a country nobody wants or has any need for. The west turned Ukraine into a basket-case and it is the west who should pay to clean up their own mess. Unfortunately for Ukraine, the west has no history of doing such things. Their only expertise is in breaking things, not mending them. Those nations in de-facto relationship with the west might want to consider that and also take a long look at all the broken countries they have ‘helped’ to make that way – and then try to find a single nation which has prospered from such relationship.

Reporting on Defence Minister Shoigu’s visit to Syria…

“Russian Defense Minister Shoigu meets with Syrian President Assad” – RT

…and here from the Syrian Arab News Agency…

“President al-Assad meets Shoigu… talks deal with cooperation between Russian and Syrian armies” – SANA

Here is an interesting article on likely US plans involving Syria…

“Will the US re-ignite a ‘Syrian revolution’ to punish Russia in Ukraine?” – The Cradle

And illustrating some messages Russia’s is sending to the west on its position in the Mediterranean and West Asian regions…

“Messaging” – Andrei Martyanov blog

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