Biden Told us the Date; Blinken Just Told us What Will Happen – This Week In History

So, a few days ago, Scarecrow Biden, the animated suit representing a US President, told the world that Russia would invade Ukraine on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. As I remember it he didn’t say any more than that – it was probably all he could be expected to remember. And we can’t be sure he remembered the date right – but nobody has corrected him, so I guess …well, no point guessing… he’s either on the money or he isn’t – but he probably got the month right at least.

And then today, which is Sunday …well it was until 15 minutes ago where I am, February 13, his appointed Secretary of State, Tony Baloney… sorry, Blinken, remarked in Honolulu (which is not relevant, but is supposedly a nice place), said that Russia ‘allegedly may’… I will stop there because I need to clarify something…

An allegation is ‘a statement, made without giving proof, that someone has done something wrong or illegal‘ (Cambridge Dictionary). Explicitly, the ‘alleged’ act is in the past – it has been done. How then, can you ‘allegedly may’ do something? You can definitely or probably do something or even ‘may’ do it, in the future. But you can never allegedly do it, and definitely not ever in any circumstance can you ‘allegedly may’ do it at some future point. This is nonsense. And what is worse, it is nonsense given without proof.

So, today, Tony Bal… sorry, again… Blinken (or maybe I was right first time), made a statement – without a shred of proof (because there is none – and no-one as far as I know has questioned his motives) – claiming that Russia ‘may’ use some form of provocation – ‘create an incident’ – to justify a military invasion of Ukraine. Here’s the story…

‘Blinken insists Russia may use provocation to justify its aggression in Ukraine’ – TASS

Here’s a quote from that piece…

“No one should be surprised if Russia instigates a provocation or incident which it then uses to justify military action it had planned all along.”

This is all baloney of course and you have to spend some time thinking about why two top US officials would make these sort of utterances, when they are supposed to be ‘promoting peaceful solutions’. Buit don’t spend too long at that task, your head will start to spin. Just take it from me that these people and all those around them are dyed-in-the-wool crooks who will, if allowed, stop at nothing to ruin everybody’s life in a useless attempt to rule the world with their own version of a ‘rules based order’. It won’t work. It never could. But now, in very recent times, there are friendly forces – and by that I mean forces friendly to the world – who will not ‘allow’ that to occur. Forces which have declared they will stand against that ever happening. And they just happen to be the strongest and most powerful nations currently in the world – Russia and China. These are the real peacemakers. The US and the combined west have never had peace in mind for the world, except a peace of their own definition – which more resembles a prison planet for most of the world’s peoples – ruled by a small minority of ‘exceptional people’.

We are fortunate to be living today. Make no mistake of that. Because we are going to see the the end of and the breaking of the kind of western hegemony the world has suffered for the past seven decades at least. It is ongoing right now. There may be need for military action. These disgusting people are not going to go quietly into obscurity. And they are now becoming desperate (hence all the lies and provocations to attempt to get Russia to begin a war and China also to invade Taiwan). The west needs that war. The Eurasian continent doesn’t need any war. They are doing Ok as things are – in spite of the dirty tricks of the west to impede their progress. For the west there is no progress and no hint of future progress. Their nations are crippled by insurrection caused by faux democracy which has split them into multi-tier societies (obscenely rich and multi grades of poor), their economies are on the point of failure (and I mean imminent failure – like in weeks or months), and their overblown militaries lag behind in technical warfare, preparation, discipline, and fitness for combat, by at least one, and perhaps more, decades of development (or lack of) in all of those aspects. If there is to be combat, it will be a no contest, with the west losing so badly that they will not be able to recover to form any kind of viable opposition to the forces of peace for a united world.

Just to finish what I started out meaning to say…

If we take the recent utterances by the comedy duo Biden’n’Blinken and weld them together, what gems of knowledge or surmise do they provide. Let me say it quickly because I want to get some sleep tonight and it is now way past 15 minutes after midnight…

Wednesday February 16 – that’s this week – there is going to be an invasion of Ukraine (according to Pres. Biden). Well, it is not going to be by Russia – we can be sure of that (because they have said so, repeatedly – and they are honourable people). So, if the US wants an invasion, it is going ot have to do it itself – with its NATO allies – and a rag-tag bunch of Ukie-Nazis. Regular Ukrainian troops will either stay home or find the nearest hole in the ground.

Prior to that though, and possibly on the same day, Blinkie’s ‘provocation’ will occur – as an introductory overture. Except it will not be a Russian provocation but a US/NATO one – possibly carried out by Ukie-Nazis aided by NATO special forces (an old game to them) and made to look like the Russians did it. So you will know that if an initial incident occurs, exactly who was responsible. And then the major movements of troops will occur. Again coming from the western side of the fence. No Russian boot will set foot in Ukraine -unless it gets out of hand and somebody stupidly crosses the Russian (or Belorussian) border from the west.

Part of this western invasion of Ukraine will be incursions into the lands of the Donbas Republics (I expect that will be spearheaded by the Ukie-Nazi formations). Don’t worry, it won’t get very far. Russia will use its stand-off weapons to completely annihilate all western forces involved in the operation and to ensure there is no retaliation will also destroy (all from it own territory) all NATO command structures and rear-area bases on the whole European continent – plus any naval units in surrounding waters (including the Black Sea) and possibly the Mediterranean.

And then there will be a rethink, hopefully, and a capitulation by the west. Game over.

Of course, what I have recited here, is the timetable of the west. This is the ‘Biden’n’Blinken Show’. Russia, as far as I am aware, has no timetable for this – but is always ready to deal with some such action. So, if nothing happens this week, the west will need to print new program details at some stage. It’s all very tiresome. If they are going to make a play I wish they would just get on with it. Otherwise the next news we hear will be of various forms of upheaval and collapse ongoing throughout the lands of the west.

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