YOU ARE LOSING IT AMERICA – and there is no ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

Almost everything I write these days [because almost everything I read, or see or hear], and every thing I intuit – based on all that input and the logical conclusions arising from it (I call it the real news), tells the same story.

The US is a mess, a stinking mess and a cesspool of degradation and deception over all of which hangs a fading, depraved, woke rainbow of self-cancellation. The American people see and know that too, but appear impotent to do anything about it. Perhaps they are now too subjugated to the system, too impoverished and powerless to fight it. Less free and with less still active rights than pretty much anywhere else in the world. They may not agree with that last statement but it is true. Let them try to buck the system and see where it gets them. The Never Never Land of the Never Ever Free. They and their Anglo brothers and sisters in other countries live in an open air prison. And a larger proportion of them than anywhere else in the world are incarcerated in crowded and uncomfortable, walled prisons. All of them with little hope of anything better waiting for them over the next hill. In fact, things are going to get a whole lot worse for them before long – perhaps beginning before the end of this month up to a little way into the next – and continuing for an as yet indeterminate time.

I could list many sources in support of those conclusions but I will just share one [I know you are busy]. Just read around, expanding your input sources, if any of this is new to you. I don’t have any more time to waste on the subject just now – though I expect to keep on hammering nails into it for as long as I can or as long as it is necessary.

‘America is Crumbling along with the American Dream’ – Valery Kulikov for New Eastern Outlook

So why, America [and I guess the situation begs the question] are you (your government, its military, security and intelligence services), spending all your time trying to blame and lay guilt on anybody else who happens to be doing OK, by themselves, or in likeminded groups [in exactly the same or even less favourable circumstances than yourselves), without or in spite of your attentions, involvements and intrusions into their own sovereign affairs [which, let’s face it, are no business of yours to touch anyway]?

Can you and your government both, answer that question honestly and with some thought given to the answer? Not to me. I have no business and little interest in what your response would be. But to your own people. You have mid-term elections coming up, so the American people, as divided as they are, will be interested to know your response. And also to the people of the world in general – whose lives you have ruined, ended or incapacitated in myriad ways and places, and whose futures you have so jeopardised by your endless and mindless (and in the end, purposeless and pointless) pursuit of global domination, power and greed [again activities which you have no right to pursue – whether on your own volition or as servants to your paymasters, the mega-rich owners of your global corporate entities and owners also of you yourselves and your sold-out souls].

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