Vladimir Putin – The Prophet

It is given to some men (not exclusively ‘men’ but how much lesser chance do women have in a male dominated world?) to stand head and shoulders above all others – no matter their physical attributes – and be recognised (or not recognised, according to the perceptions of the times) as someone born, and gifted, to lead the world in the right direction.

These men are usually of thoughtful, quiet disposition. Not given to boasting or self-aggrandising bravado. But able to see and describe and act in a leadership capacity towards or away from, as necessary, what others of lesser perception and intellect are unable to grasp.

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, more than adequately presents as being such a man. Though I am sure he would feel uncomfortable in accepting such an accolade.

This interesting and unusually long piece for a TASS news article seeks, and largely succeeds, to describe something of that. I commend it to you.

A short statement, quoted from the piece, gives expression to what I said above…

The next Munich Security Conference starts on February 18, but Putin will not be there. Everything was said 15 years ago.

“Putin’s Munich Speech 15 years later: What prophecies have come true?” – TASS

This is why ‘everybody and his dog’ (an Aussie colloquialism), every could’a’been, should’a’been and would’a’been, is undertaking a pilgrimage to Moscow in recent days. Like flies, they are attracted to the light.

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