I Am A (maybe) Future Normal ‘Transphobic Putin-Nazi Trucker’

I am definitely not ‘Old Normal’ – we can never go back there. I am not ‘Neo-Normal’ or ‘New Normal’ (oh, heaven forbid – what could be worse), and so I am left with being an only maybe ‘Future Normal’ – got to wait to see what that is yet – and it’s not looking hopeful.

But I am definitely – since I identify with them – a ‘Transphobic Putin-Nazi Trucker’ as the alternative reality now being defined by Canadian media spokesperson Just In Trusseau has announced.

Nor am I any kind of ‘Trucker’, whether ‘Transphobic Putin-Nazi’ or not. Though I have to admit I did sit in one as a passenger once or twice. But I am very happy at what they are doing to help bring down the disgusting … (words fail) … of the ‘new-normal’ paradigm.

Interpreting this and the whole gamut of what’s going on in the looney neo-normal world, which is built on an increasingly unstable foundation of sand and shale tar-oil tailings, is CJ Hopkins, with his latest more or less satirical musings…

‘Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!’ – CJ Hopkins

Quoting briefly from the piece, Hopkins says (and has said before – proving truth does not change with the news headlines)…

“This isn’t an abstract argument over ‘the science.’ It is a fight … a political, ideological fight. On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a fucking side, and live with it.”


I chose my side a long time ago. Those who chose the totalitarianism of the ‘new normal’ (perhaps better described as ‘authoritarianism’) now find themselves in a pickle of indecision, as their leaky boat founders – but you know what happens on sinking ships (for completeness I will spell it out for you: by the time the passengers realise it is going down, the rats have already left)…

Oh, and where are the Aussie truckers? I guess they will be a no-show again.

2 thoughts on “I Am A (maybe) Future Normal ‘Transphobic Putin-Nazi Trucker’

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  1. This issue sure is dividing the “left”. I instinctively want to support the truckers, even though they seem to be right wing conservative people, whatever that even means anymore? I just think that protesting against mandates is healthy and right no matter how you prefer to vote. And contrary to claims being made, they seem to be peaceful and respectful to locals and careful not to block the roads completely.
    But boy the vitriol that is coming their way from normally sane leftist journalists, even Ben Norton is calling them right wing fundamentalists. USA/Britain already own Canada and Canada openly supports the Nazis in Ukraine, so how much more right wing can Canada get? Which even more evil state could be behind the regime change war being waged by the truckers?
    It seems to me that if ever there was a place that could actually benefit from a “colour revolution” funded by questionable billionaires, Canada would be it. 🙂
    I know that the protests around the world including here in Oz have been led by mostly Christian conservatives, but lefty organisations could have joined in and evened up the demograpics, but they looked down their noses and refused to have a bar of it.
    to me it’s a lost opportunity for solidarity. And also stupid and dangerous to allow the right to corner the market on freedom protests. I don’t understand lefties standing up for minority rights bit not for people who are anti mandate. it fries my brain!
    Or am I missing something?

  2. Hi Kerry, thank you for your comment.

    I am simply going to say this is not a ‘left’ or ‘right’ thing. In fact there is no left or right any more. Those concepts were manufactured or at least developed to give the impression that democracy is a contest of ideas. That has morphed into the contest of no ideas we have today – the no ideas from one side reflected in the same no ideas of the other.

    Nor is it a colour revolution thing – which requires an external state to initiate and feed it. There is no such external state operating in this case, and the only such state which uses that ploy is the US. This is simply a section of Canadian society attempting to get its government to act sensibly – which may mean a change at the top but not necessarily of the whole. And in any case, as with all western democracies, it doesn’t matter which ‘side’ is in power. They are all ‘owned’ by the same self-serving interests.

    That said, you may not have seen this new truckers’ media presser. I leave it to you to decide who are the domestic terrorists in this case. There is only one, and his name is Trudeau.

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