How To Accidentally Start a War…

First Point: You enlist Bloomberg to print the flyers.

Second Point: Read the first point again. [Repeat until understanding dawns]

Last Point: That’s all there is.

Is it not a basic truth that the probability of accidentally saying or reporting some country somewhere has invaded a neighbouring country, is absolutely zero. Not 0.00000001, but actually zero.

So, if you eventually understood the First Point, you would have astutely determined that in order for Bloomberg to report something like ‘Russia Invaded Ukraine’ – something they would not have dared print unilaterally, someone would have had to engage (make an offer that can’t be refused) Bloomberg to do that.

Who would do such a low-down, bottom of the barrel, thing? Yes!!! You got it in one! Well, I assume you did. I can’t see anyone would need two guesses.

And why would these unscrupulous sons-o-bitches want this done? No-one is going to believe the story are they? Well, some trigger-happy or very nervous changed-underwear-twice-today-already subaltern, or even a ranking Ukie officer or pre-arranged mercenary, might just ‘accidentally’ respond to something he thought he had seen, sparking a whole damn shooting match.

The US so much needs to have a war in Europe on Russia’s borders that it would undoubtedly be capable of dreaming up such a scenario. Well, this one didn’t work, but what trick comes next? I guess they will have to rely on the old tried and tested (multiple times in places like Syria) false flag provocation as a reason for ‘retalliation’.

Wondering what I am talking about? I guess few will have heard the story…

‘Kremlin spokesman slams Bloomberg’s publishing error as dangerous’ – TASS

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