It’s All Over For The West – Death of the Rules-Based Order, Thank Goodness

To the tune of ‘Hey, hey, the witch is dead’ from the Wizard of Oz…

Hey, hey, the Order’s dead.

Which Order? The Rules-Based Order.

Hey, hey, the Rules-Based Order’s dead…

…and the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

Championed by the unruly west, which is now facing its own perilous obscuration as it rapidly sinks into a mire of its own making, the west’s own delirious scheme to impose its own set of warped and freedom-ending prejudices on a bemused world which has been largely unaware that this is their worked-up fate, planned by lunatics with globalist dreams for decades now, has bumped up against the unmovable wall of a Russia-China agreement to stand up for the centrality and integrity of the United Nations Charter (under which we all thought we were living) and its system of International Law.

Why can I say this? On what basis do I say this?

It’s simple really. A new world order has just been initiated. Led by a united (in principle, outlook, and joint economic and military strength) Russia and China, which will oppose, out-perform and overturn the hegemonic influence of the west (assuming that the west maintains its present confrontational and conflict driven course, rather than finding a change in direction is needed, for themselves, to bring them into line with all others as equals).

Agreements to this effect have been jointly signed by the Presidents of both the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China immediately prior to the commencement of the current Olympic games in Beijing.

Here is some information on that…

‘Unprecedented China-Russia ties to start a new era of intl relations not defined by US’ – Global Times

And there is nothing even a combined and united western power structure can do to prevent this from being implemented.

This will undoubtedly split the world into two camps. An overwhelmingly large camp, centred in Eurasia but including much of South America and Africa, and a much smaller camp, scattered in even smaller and dis-organised pockets around the world but centred chiefly in North America. Every nation will drift into or towards one of those two blocs. And who has the most influence and is on friendly terms with most nations of the world in the 21st century? You guessed it – Russia and China. This group, folks, is the new global powerhouse, driving humanity forward not holding it backward as western hegemony has so notably done thus far in this century, and threatening to undo us completely. Subjecting us and further impoverishing us for the sole benefit of the owners of global mega-corporations who already own more than half of the global wealth. Forget the wealth disparity – that is about to resolve itself with the collapse of global finance – the final threads of which are now separating and the sheer over-weight and over-commitment of the thing will surely bring about its demise. Without its overwhelming wealth, the west is nothing. It is people who will forge the new world outlook, even if it has to be from rock bottom. And never again should global corporates be permitted to dictate or obscenely benefit from that process. Money must not be allowed to do the talking. It is a corrupting and untrustworthy influence in the hands of unscrupulous people.

You want a fairer world? A world where a United Nations Organisation, unbound to serve all people, centred on an international system of law – the current one as envisioned in the UN Charter will do, reigns supreme in international affairs, and there is no talk of an alternative and narrow focused ‘Rule of Law’ devised by those who have proven themselves unfit to hold dominant power over human affairs? Then you know which camp to direct and lead your nation to join. Let the west stew in its own juices if it so desires. Let them be lords of nothing. Living in lands laid waste by their own greed and wantonness. Follow your country, as I am sure most countries will see fit, to be part of a cooperative, kind, and caring community, prospering (as climate conditions permit – and weathering it out together if life becomes difficult) and living peacefully together. That is a much better vision to work towards than anything offered or forced on us by the west. Who knows, they may even want to become part of that themselves. But we must ensure that no single group or philosophy gains sufficient power to dominate matters as the west has enjoyed but abused for the past several centuries.

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