Russia-China Joint Statement Explained

When I wrote my previous post in the early hours of this morning – which was and still is for a while longer, Feb 6, 2022, it was my first thoughts on the joint statement made by presidents of Russia and China immediately before the start of the Beijing Olympics. At that time, the article I am sharing with you now had not been published. In fact it only appeared on the Saker blog a few hours ago, as I write. The two articles compliment each other to a great extent although I am not pretending that mine carries anywhere near the weight the Sakers words do.

What I am getting at here is that the joint Putin/Xi statement is not to be taken lightly. It is in fact an epoch ending document – marking the fall of the Anglo-Zionist empire of oppression, while at the same time ushering in and onto the stage before a world audience that is holding its breath in anticipation of a brand new beginning which will itself bring in a breath of fresh air to international affairs that has been long overdue. It will be welcomed enthusiastically. It will also be a cutting away of ties to the old and destructive A-Z paradigm which will be left, should it choose that course, to wither away quietly in its own little corner. It will not be missed. But for those nations who wholeheartedly embrace the new paradigm, they will enjoy (certain reservations have to be made of course, due to the vagaries of tides operating beyond our control, but in general they will enjoy…) a new-found liberty and prosperity in a community of equals within a shared future. That is the goal. It is idealistic, of course it is, but it is also something that can be realistically worked toward in a spirit of cooperation that has perhaps never been known in human affairs and certainly not in any of our lifetimes. We will see if we have progressed any since the dawn of civilisation. This may be our only opportunity to do so.

In addition to being idealistic, the statement is also oppositional in the sense that it makes perfectly clear that any attempts to stand in the way of the achievement of the laudable goals set out in the document, will be met by the cohesive force of the joint authors (and presumably enhanced by all those who stand with them) to thwart and knock down if necessary (though it does not say that in so many words) any such attempts. This then, is the real thing. It is a no-nonsense blueprint for the next stage in human cohesive progress. May it proceed smoothly and with dignity, upholding the highest principles of what humanity may be capable of presenting.

So, get you teeth stuck into this. It is your lifeline to any sort of desirable future that may lie before us. And if you read the statement overview from the Global Times in my earlier post, this is the real thing – with plain English explanations interspersed for clarity…

‘Unpacking the Russian-Chinese joint statement’ – The Saker

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