No Longer Asking, Demanding

I had to smile when I saw this…

‘US, NATO ready to continue reciprocal dialogue with Russia – US State Department’ – TASS

Whatever it is the psychos of the west are on, their feet are not touching the ground. They have lost any and grasp of reality they may have previously, with limp wristed grip, been clinging to. The circus, in some respects, is quite amusing to watch – no matter the seriousness of the situation.

And then I saw this, which kind of lays out the history of the situation in brief…

‘Western response on security to reveal its sincerity towards Russia — Lavrov’ – TASS

…and no, that does not mean Mr Lavrov thinks the west has any sincerity in its dealings with Russia – quite the opposite. He is a very astute diplomat.

Let’s start at the top. Of course the US, NATO are ready to continue reciprocal dialog with Russia. That is precisely their plan, which would absolve them from taking any action whatsoever to satisfy Russia’s demands. And I am sure Mr Lavrov (and all other top officials of Russia) already knows these cretins have no intention of satisfying Russia. That was the whole reason for bringing this matter to a head in the way they have chosen to do.

I thought Russia had made it very clear there was no opportunity for continued reciprocal dialog. None. But then I am of course a person of normal mind, understanding and intellect. A westerner I may be, but I am not a cretin – and I have never gained any position of whatever authority I may have achieved in life, by lying, cheating, sleazing or buying my way there – like so many of the current crop of western ‘officials’ have done.

So, no more dialog. Only a written answer is acceptable – and it better come quick.

Now, on to the sincerity issue. Russia has played Mr Nice Guy for 30 years now, initially because they were at rock bottom and needed time to rebuild. They made a very wise decision to allow Mr V. Putin to attempt accomplishment of that project. He, and the great team he has built around him over the years, has done a magnificent job of resurrecting a down-and-out Russian Federation, turning it into a world leader in many aspects of modern life – always with the people at the heart of everything and ridding it of obstinate and corrosive actors. While at the same time retaining the essential Russian culture and its fiercely independent sovereignty. Now, Russia is a world power, possessing, while its economy is still growing, in spite of wicked attempts to stifle it, the means, the material wherewithal, and the solid backing of true friends (not a single forced satrapy or lackey enrolled along the way) to no longer have to ‘ask’ for its necessary security status to be granted, but to ‘demand’ that status be legally upheld. Such demands are now being made (the time for asking now being over), having first being raised some twelve years ago (see second TASS article). Those demands may have been easily denied by the west those many years in the past, but let them try denying them now.

Of course the west, being too enamoured and dazzled by their own reflected glory, or too high on their own delusions of grandeur, have once again made such a denial of justice. Those demands being cast aside verbally during recent ‘reciprocal dialog’. Russia, I am certain was fully expecting that, but being meticulous as to details to be laid down in the historical record as to what comes next, they need a written answer – or alternatively a signed written agreement acceding to all their demands, in terms acceptable to Russia. If such written reply or signed document is not forthcoming in a reasonable period of time – and speculation as to how long that may be, is mere speculation – I am sure Russia will issue a ‘Time is up’ notice. From that point onwards, Russia will, no doubt of that (intent has been expressed a number of times – and this is not a game), at a point in time of its own choosing proceed to take whatever measures are necessary to unilaterally secure the conditions it has recently and in the past demanded.

Make no mistake, Russia has both the intent and the means to achieve that with minimal damage to itself. either physically, reputationally, economically or socially (its sphere of influence in no way diminished) as a world citizen. In fact the world will be a better and safer place as a result.

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