“Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death” – “…an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide”

I totally agree. People who take a COVID vaccination should know the facts – otherwise they are classified fools, and in the insurance world (just as in law) ignorance is no excuse. And only a fool or an ignoramus would knowingly take an experimental vaccination which from the beginning of its distribution program and still remains today, neither adequately tested nor authorised for general use in humans. Not only that, but the long list of known side effects – including death – from use of the vaccines (all of them, to my knowledge) have been authoritatively published – and widely so (if not in popular media).

So, anyone vaccinated for COVID, as well as being an ignorant fool, can also be considered suicidal. And if they die as a result of vaccine injection, that is a recognised suicide death. The law agrees – at least in the French case cited in the article from which the title quotes were taken (article linked below).

“Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death” – Free West Media – Published: January 14, 2022

The case reported in that article poses two important principles.

First it is a legal precedent (at least in French law) to be taken into account on all other similar cases of vaccination death, and I expect that is mostly the reason why no other vaccine in history has been issued without thorough testing and proper authorisation. Nor has any other vaccine in history been allowed to continue being distributed following more than a handful of cases of adverse events causing anything from even minor injury up to and including death. For COVID vaccinations there have been reported incidences of literally millions of the first and tens of thousands of the second – and those are only the case incidents reported on a few prominent western government official databases specifically set up for that purpose (and which apparently no-one in officialdom reads or makes statistical analysis on).

A short quote from the article confirms my assessment above and lays the foundation for the second important principle which will undoubtedly come into play in coming months or years…

“…the insurer’s defense is recognized as well-founded and contractually justified, as this publicly known fatal risk is legally considered suicide, since the customer has been notified and has agreed to voluntarily take the risk of death without being obliged or compelled to do so.”

linked FreeWestMedia article

We come to the choices open to people whose government rolled out a vaccination program for COVID.

Firstly there was the ‘voluntary’ jab choice. I think most governments in the more highly developed nations made a point to their citizens that vaccination would only ever be voluntarily provided. In other words people could make a choice whether to be jabbed or not. In no case, as far as I am aware, were the risks of taking the jab made clear to the public. That does not absolve individuals capable of making informed choices from assuring themselves that, on balance, it was a wise choice – or not. How many people do you think took the time and effort to find out for themselves all the risks, either way, were embodied in a self-choice of this type? Less than half of supposedly educated populations would have done that, in my estimation – the rest relying on the ‘herd’ opinion. This would to some extent account for the initial low vaccine uptake figures we witnessed. Then came the pressure measures and the fear propaganda, gradually influencing more and more people to accept the government’s vaccine provisions. Then a quantum leap was required to urge still hesitant people to get to a herd immunity level of the ‘vaccinated’. This ranged from a positioning of the unvaccinated as ‘scapegoats’ for the rising caseloads (which in fact were only rising due to the increased pushes and ‘requirements’ for a less than satisfactory testing regime, eventually reinforced by mandates from altered laws or medical authority imposed rules). It took actual vaccine mandate requirement for a growing number of occupations and situations, accompanied by ‘booster jab programs’ to get the required number of jabs in arms – and still governments and medical authorities are not satisfied. In some countries the ‘unvaxxed’ have been jailed, isolated, or made to feel like unclean second class citizens – when all they were doing (and I am one of them) was exercising their citizens right to make their own medical and physical choices. Today, at least one nation is issuing a compulsory all people mandate for vaccination.

It is ridiculous. And it will all and very soon devolve into social chaos and breakdown. The fact that the legal system can see the brokenness of the system makes that all the more real.

Voluntary suicide by lethal injection is one thing. And don’t think we have heard the last of such matters. It is fully expected that many of the vaccinated will die, some quickly, some slowly, from provable effects of these vaccines over the next few years. Can you imagine the legal implications and congested courts arising from that? And if satisfaction is not forthcoming, what the social implications will be, from a populace suddenly enlightened to what has been done to them by governments and doctors, the police and the paramedics, the nurses who administered euthanasia drugs.

Making a personal choice to risk your life is one thing. To have government or medical authority mandate your death risk – knowing what they undoubtedly know of that risk. And if they claim not to know of the risks they were imposing on others, their professional competence and personal integrity is worthless, and their actions probably – well, more than probably – are indictable. It is entirely conceivable that anyone involved in legislating, supporting or perpetrating (enforcing) mandated vaccine programs – from Prime Ministers down to nurses and police officers – will face charges of murder. We will undoubtedly see a lot of them in court and many behind bars in the near future – and across many countries.

That is the best picture I can foresee, and it depends on the continued cohesion of social order over the time this is progressing. You are probably aware that social order is currently skating on very thin ice. Will it hold?

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  1. Well, yes, I suppose in some sense you are a fool for agreeing to take an experimental vaccine when long-term side effects aren’t known. Most people have very little scientific or medical knowledge and what they do know they get from dubious sources. But governments should have known better than to force vaccine mandates.

    I was lucky in 2 ways…because I have an auto-immune disease and take drugs to depress my immune system, I’ve always been refused the standard flu injection and assumed it would be the same for covid. I’ve never had flu anyway, probably because my lifestyle doesn’t mean excessive socialising. And in the early days, my GP advised against the covid jab for the same reason…thankfully.

    The other way was, in having an interest in genetics and knowing what mRNA was and what it did in the cell, prompted me to ask… hang on, what’s that doing in the vaccine. Homework was always a pain at school, but it’s invaluable after you’ve left.

    And here I am…unvaccinated… and glad to be so.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bev. I’m sorry to hear of your health issues, which I think you have mentioned before but not in detail. Whenever we say things on media like this, generalisations are inevitable – otherwise we would never get to say anything greater than on the personal level. I’m sure you lifestyle of healthy eating and independent activity also contributes greatly to your long life.

      The ‘long term side effects’ of Covid vaccination may not yet be fully known but the short term effects are both known (the list is long, and often severe) and also published. That, I think is the basis on which the reported case was adjudicated both by the courts and the insurance company. Both ‘suicide’ (intentional death) and (I can’t remember the exact wording here, but something like…) ‘participating in dangerous activities’ (self-endangerment leading to accidental death) have both long been risk or payment denial caveats for life insurance policies. I guess people don’t consider that in terms of so-called health care – or perhaps do consider it as a fraudulent means of posthumously obtaining benefit. Life insurance is not generally a savings scheme – where there is some guarantee of a return on investment. Although many people tend to think of it as that. A policy assumes certain well-defined risks but also includes certain, perhaps not so well defined (or well understood), exclusions.

      I wish I had thought of some of these points to put into the post but at 2am I wrote what my tired brain came up with. I’m an impulse writer – do it now, or it won’t get done at all.

      The first four years of my working life, in the early ’60s, was in the insurance industry, where during that time I passed the first part of the Associate exams of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII). So I do know a little about the basis of how insurance works.

      Keep smiling, and feeding those chooks 🙂

      I have decided to add this:
      I’ll let you into a little more of my life-story, Bev – and, I guess, anyone else who might read this. Which means that at some point I have rationalised it all and moved on.

      I left the insurance industry after four years to become a missionary or preacher or something. God! I was stupid back then. That was the height of my ‘Pentecostal period’. Some two to three years later – after jobs in sales departments for kitchen sinks and spares for industrial pumps, also a short time as a window cleaner, I found myself stacking boxes in the freezers of a Swift & Co poultry processing plant, where I rose to foreman of the various production lines and then to become a factory supervisor there. I was even offered a managerial position of a chicken farm by that company after failing officer selection tests for the RAF (I had the fantasy of becoming a fighter pilot, can you believe?). At that point I was married with a child on the way and needed some sort of stabilisation in my affairs as a family man. So I actually joined the RAF as a 9 year recruit. That was exactly what I needed and the rest of my story has been published somewhere on this blog.

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