A Watershed Moment For Syria

I try to write about the most important current developments in our crazy world. The Welcoming of Syria into the Chinese BRI initiative is one of those. It signals the end of the road, a now crumbling and no longer viable, unnecessary and unwanted road, for the corrupting and destructive western influence in West Asia. Atlanticists need to focus more of their attention on their fast failing power base which now lies mainly, even exclusively, on the other side of that ocean. May they be happy and content to abide there, until ready to join the rest of the world, as equals, not masters. I advise no holding of breath on that score.

‘China welcomes Syria in joining the Belt and Road Initiative’ – The Cradle

No looking back now. The BRI is set to become the world’s land bridge …and there is nothing the west can do to prevent that – especially not some inept and ill-conceived US counter-plan for Central Asia.

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