“Commentary For Today.”

There is no doubt, and I make no apologies for showing, that this short update video, disjointed and at times difficult to understand as it is (mostly due to him talking off the cuff as he does – rather than working from notes or a written script – which I think adds to the potency of what he says), by geopolitical commentator of the day – Alexei Martyanov, is essential viewing for anyone wanting to know more than is readily discernable from most other available sources. He is new to the video method. His delivery will improve, I am sure. But I hope his drive, enthusiasm and authenticity do not change. I intend to feature as much of his work as I can (as long as I agree with it).

I am not going to embed his videos here, because I want you to go to his site, but I will provide the links.

‘Geopolitics of Madness 2021‘ – Andrei Martyanov.

Today, Martyanov also uploaded another video of Zapad 2021 (West 2021 in English), the Joint Strategic Exercise Of the Armed Forces Of the Russian Federation and Of the Republic of Belarus, which were held from September 10 to 15, 2021, of which he said – I’ll Talk About This Later.

I can embed this one as I suspect it is publically available, having already seen it elsewhere…

I am always happy to see the strength of Russian military on display, as I see that being the only hope for this world (China’s military excepted) to provide any sort of future existence which might be worthwhile, through the subjugation or dilution of Western military aggression (overblown as to its capability though that may be).

That also is an acceptable ‘Commentary for Today’.

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