Serious Losses of US Intelligence

Well, this is interesting, and might explain the donut shape of US intelligence of late.

“CIA cable confirms ‘dozens’ of informants killed in Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan” – The Cradle – and an unusually large number of other news outlets

It may also explain why The Company was concentrating its efforts on ousting the Trump menace for a number of years. Are agents afraid to go out ‘on station’? (is that the term they use?), or are they plumping for ‘safer’ jobs, like spying on their ‘allies’?

I suppose it is good news for all the US’ perceived enemies, but with fewer folk in black suits and dark glasses roaming the world now, where are the foreign spy agencies going to recruit all their double agents? Oh yes, I was forgetting. They can just loiter outside the CIA School of Lying, Cheating and Stealing.

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