The truth is out.  There are no COVID-19 vaccinations, anywhere, that actually work.

The truth is out.  There are no COVID-19 vaccinations, anywhere, that actually work.  Either curatively or preventively.  Suppressively, in terms of symptoms, perhaps.  But what is the good of that?  We use suppressive medications for the common cold, but has that stopped it from happening?   

‘Follow-up COVID tests of 52 Russian tourists in Cuba are positive, says consul general’ – TASS

So, Russia is joining the rest of the world in exporting its Coronavirus problem to the rest of the world through tourism.

Recently it has become known that the Chinese Sinovac is equally ineffective in preventing COVID catastrophe in Indonesia. 

That won’t be the last such case.

These vaccines then, now join all the Western ‘experimental’ treatments in ineffectiveness.  Except that the Western mRNA treatments are outright dangerous to human life.

Read this TASS story for yourself.  At least Russia, maybe not the government just yet, is being honest about reporting the situation.  The West outright suppresses and denies such situations even exist.  I cannot believe that China and Russia are in cahoots with Western governments to deceive their people.  None of them actually has any idea what they are doing, or at the very least are being ill-advised by so-called experts.

If you pressure experts to come up with solutions, they will come up with ‘solutions’. But none of them will pass muster, and shortcuts will need to be made to normal practices and safeguards in order for these ‘solutions’ to be implemented. In the end, the emperor will be seen to have no clothes. All will fail, and more people will die than needed to die if proper procedures were followed. Can you not see that this is exactly what has occurred with COVID?

So, what to do?

Stop the world, I want to get off?  No, actually.  Well, stop the world, yes.  Cease all activity.  Economic, and the rest, until this thing is done.  However long that takes.  That is what is going to happen in any case, in the medium term.  Perhaps even in the short term.  We (humanity) are losing this war, and we foolishly attempt to carry on as if nothing is happening.  It is exactly the same with climate change.  It is exactly the same with the nuclear arms risk.  It is exactly the same with the economic and financial systems we have conjured into existence.  It is all fairy dust.

In fact COVID-19 is the very least of our worries.  Yet it is all we are focussed on at the moment.  How foolish is that?  And, why are we doing that?  The answer is simple.  It is simply to preserve the false sense of security that the transient world we have built over the past century needs to continue for our own welfare.  The fact is, that this world we have constructed, is not actually acting for our welfare.  Is it?  Do you believe that it is?  Are you one of those who wants the current life you have to continue in exactly the same way it has led you so far?  Open your eyes and look.  What is it that is so beneficial that you are willing to die for it?  Come on! Name one thing that is actually essential for you.  And then look back at the way your grandparents or, in some cases your great-grandparents, lived.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Bev. Off-Guardian is right that words are being twisted to have unheard of meanings. That has occurred as a natural process out of improper usage and poor education standards in the past. But what we are seeing now is deliberate re-definition of concepts based on ideology rather than any semblance to reality or sense.

      In order to make a following point, I need to say that it is not necessarily the world that is truly insane, although it seems that someone wants everyone to be ‘herded’ in that direction through biotech/WEF’s next ‘Decade of Drugs’ –

      That someone or ‘something’ – I don’t see them as human, or if they are, then they are on the bottom-most rung of the ladder of depravity that could possibly be accepted as such – is of course the mega-rich control freaks whose faces are behind such covers as WEF, Gates Foundation, Facebook – to name just a few. Eugenics (death rate adjustment capability) is their business and drug induced mind trauma is their means of control.

      I’m not entirely sure of the factual basis of some of those statements but that is the way I am thinking just now.

      Nice to hear from you.

  1. Yes, something is certainly going on. I’m wondering how much is due to the acknowledgement by the elites that oil production has peaked and is in decline and will change everything about the future. Even though the average person understands nothing of this, those with the power and money aren’t stupid and know that the masses are so easy to manipulate. I keep saying I’m so glad I’m as old as I am.

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