New Trojan Folly

Make no mistake, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is a Trojan Horse.  And with echoes of the role of the original Trojan Horse in the downfall of Troy during the Greco-Trojan wars in the misty annals of history when real gods still roamed the Earth, the world should follow the newly adapted old adage of “Do not trust ‘Americans’ bearing gifts” …or indulgences.  The threat he and what he represents, poses, is still as real as it ever was.

Antony Blinken at a press conference, Kiev, Ukraine, May 6, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Nothing Blinken says can be trusted – other than the brutal admissions of past US crimes.  There is hidden meaning, come to think of it, in every utterance of any US official, but his is a new voice, intended to soothe and soften the hardcore rhetoric of the past.  It is in fact truly deceitful.  Full of lies.  Nothing has changed.  The US is still intent on ruling the world.  It has only re-adjusted the path by which it seeks to do that.

Having realised now , that the bluff of its overrated military – great only in its appallingly expensive budgetary cost – has been discovered, and the curtain of its ineptitude, ineffectiveness and baseless threats (including that of its ‘nuclear’ threat – which would suffice only to make a toxic garbage heap out of much of Europe, paid for by the total loss of America) peeled back to reveal the deception. The US authorities (as a friend said to me this morning) “are not planning to ‘win’ with their military weapons”.

Blinken is the new front line force of America’s drive for achievement of its ‘manifest destiny’ – which remains its only goal.

‘The US Has Undermined World Order’.  Say What?!!

‘The US Has Undermined World Order’ Blinken Acknowledges – TeleSUR

I have left myself with little drive (my reserves of stamina for such things quickly diminishes these days) to analyse what he says. It is obvious though, is it not, that the words may have changed slightly but the threats and demands are still there – and while other parts of the dialog may be to some extent subdued in tone, the threats are not so, in the least.  Even though, as we now realise, there is nothing to back them.

Take the Iran Nuclear Deal for one example.  Read elsewhere to see that nothing has in reality altered to be any more acceptable to Iran than it was before.  Has the US learned nothing?

Having brought to your attention this new development, it is now your task (should you choose to accept it) to perform any further analysis of the situation yourself.  You will need to read deeply.

I leave you with this question – Is the new US plan to diplomatise us into surrender to their hegemony?

If so, it will fail just as readily as their old plan to bludgeon us into surrender – which I am sure they will continue to drag out, ineffective and expensive as it is, for as long as possible.

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