Days of Yore?

What kind of world future are you expecting?  One that continues much as we see now?  One that hinges on higher, greener technology?  One that inevitably must revert backward to conditions of the youth of the older section of humanity? 

What if none of those futures is possible?

Tim Watkins is a social and economic scientist with a background in public policy research.  Here he presents an eye-watering, reasoned, and if you think about it, obvious word picture which says, in the face of an impossible continuation of what is the present… 

“You Can Never Go Back” – Tim Watkins – presented by the Titanic Lifeboat Academy

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of these views.  Which leaves modern humanity with, what…?  A quandary?  A dilemma?  An ultimatum?

And if we must regress further back than the days of our elders youth (I’m trying not to mention the Stone Age), how on Earth do we get there?  What must happen on that path?  And how many of us will such a reversion support? 

Since we must inevitably continue forward in time, and given that time is fast running out for our current way of living, can we afford not to consider these questions?

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